Airship Utilities


Attributes Predefined attributes. 
PermissionsRequester Interface used to request permissions. 


CachedValue<T> Caches a value in memory with an expiration. 
DateUtils Date utilities. 
FarmHashFingerprint64 Implementation of FarmHash Fingerprint64, an open-source fingerprinting algorithm for strings. 
FileUtils File utility methods. 
FileUtils.DownloadResult Result for downloading a file. 
HelperActivity This class is deprecated. Will be removed in SDK 17. Use your own activity to request results.  
HelperActivity.ActivityResult Wraps the result code and data from starting an activity for a result. 
ImageUtils A class containing utility methods related to bitmaps. 
ImageUtils.DrawableResult Drawable result. 
NotificationIdGenerator An auto-incrementing notification ID generator. 
UAStringUtil A class containing utility methods related to strings.