Contains high-level classes for interacting with the Urban Airship API. This package provides a very high level interface to the Urban Airship API via UAirship and the Options classes.


ActivityMonitor.Listener Listener class for activity updates. 
Cancelable Interface for an cancelable operation. 
LoggerListener Listener interface for the Urban Airship logger. 
Predicate<T> Predicate interface. 
ResultCallback<T> Result callback interface. 
UAirship.OnReadyCallback Callback interface used to notify app when UAirship is ready. 


ActivityMonitor Global activity monitor. 
ActivityMonitor.SimpleListener A convenience class to extend when you only want to listen for a subset of of activity events. 
AirshipComponent Base class for Urban Airship components. 
AirshipConfigOptions This class holds the set of options necessary to properly initialize UAirship
AirshipConfigOptions.Builder Airship config builder. 
AirshipReceiver Base intent receiver to process registration and push events from Urban Airship. 
AirshipReceiver.ActionButtonInfo Contains info about a notification action button. 
AirshipReceiver.NotificationInfo Contains information about a posted notification. 
ApplicationMetrics ApplicationMetrics stores metric information about the application. 
Autopilot Autopilot allows UAirship.takeOff to be called without overriding the Application class. 
CancelableOperation A cancelable operation that executes its task on a specific looper. 
ChannelCapture ChannelCapture checks the device clipboard for a String that is prefixed by an expected token on app foreground and posts a notification that allows the user to copy the Channel or optionally open a url with the channel as an argument. 
CoreActivity An activity that forwards the notification proxy intents to the CoreReceiver. 
CoreReceiver This class is the core Broadcast Receiver for the Urban Airship library. 
Fonts Helper class to cache and resolve font families. 
Logger Shared logging wrapper for all Urban Airship log entries. 
PendingResult<T> A pending result. 
UAirship UAirship manages the shared state for all Urban Airship services.