Contains high-level classes for interacting with the Airship API. This package provides a very high level interface to the Airship API via UAirship and the Options classes.


Cancelable Interface for an cancelable operation. 
Predicate<T> Predicate interface. 
ResultCallback<T> Result callback interface. 
UAirship.OnReadyCallback Callback interface used to notify app when UAirship is ready. 
UrlAllowList.OnUrlAllowListCallback Interface that defines a callback that can be used to reject or allow a URL. 


AirshipComponent Base class for Airship components. 
AirshipConfigOptions This class holds the set of options necessary to properly initialize UAirship
AirshipConfigOptions.Builder Airship config builder. 
AirshipLoopers Shared SDK loopers. 
ApplicationMetrics ApplicationMetrics stores metric information about the application. 
Autopilot Autopilot allows UAirship.takeOff to be called without overriding the Application class. 
CancelableOperation A cancelable operation that executes its task on a specific looper. 
ChannelCapture ChannelCapture detects a knock when the application is foregrounded 6 times in 30 seconds. 
Fonts Helper class to cache and resolve font families. 
NoDependencyAirshipInitializer Airship initializer without any external dependencies. 
PendingResult<T> A pending result. 
PrivacyManager The privacy manager allow enabling/disabling features in the SDK that require user data. 
UAirship UAirship manages the shared state for all Airship services. 
UrlAllowList Defines a set of URL patterns to match a URL. 


AirshipConfigOptions.ConfigException Config exceptions when trying to load properties from a resource.