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Accengage Accengage module. 
AccengageMessage Accengage push message. 
AccengageMessage.Action Accengage actions. 
AccengageNotificationProvider Accengage notification provider. 
AccengagePushButton Accengage push button. 
AccountEventTemplate A class that represents a custom account event template for the application. 
Action The base action class that describes an operation to perform. 
ActionArguments Container for the argument data passed to an Action
ActionCompletionCallback An interface for callbacks signaling the completion of an Action
ActionRegistry Class responsible for runtime-persisting actions and associating them with names and predicates. 
ActionRegistry.Entry An entry in the action registry. 
ActionRegistry.Predicate ActionArgument predicate  
ActionResult Stores the results of running an Action
ActionRunRequest ActionRunRequests provides a fluent API for running Actions. 
ActionRunRequestExtender Extends an action run request. 
ActionRunRequestFactory Factory class for creating ActionRunRequest
Actions Actions schedule data. 
Actions.Builder Actions builder. 
ActionsNotificationExtender Notification builder extender to add UA notification action buttons to a notification. 
ActionValue An ActionValue is a representation of any value that can be described using JSON. 
ActionValueException Exceptions thrown when creating ActionValues from objects. 
ActivityListener Listener class for activity updates. 
ActivityMonitor Activity Monitor. 
AddCustomEventAction An action that adds a custom event. 
AddCustomEventAction.AddCustomEventActionPredicate Default AddCustomEventAction predicate. 
AddTagsAction An action that adds tags. 
AddTagsAction.AddTagsPredicate Default AddTagsAction predicate. 
AdvertisingIdTracker Helper class that auto tracks the android advertising Id. 
AirshipChannel Airship channel access. 
AirshipChannelListener Channel listener. 
AirshipComponent Base class for Airship components. 
AirshipConfigOptions This class holds the set of options necessary to properly initialize UAirship
AirshipConfigOptions.Builder Airship config builder. 
AirshipLayoutDisplayContent Display content for a TYPE_AIRSHIP_LAYOUT in-app message. 
AirshipLocationManager High level interface for interacting with location. 
AirshipLoopers Shared SDK looopers. 
AirshipNotificationProvider Default notification provider. 
AirshipPrepareAssetsDelegate Default PrepareAssetsDelegate for Airship message types. 
AirshipWebChromeClient Web Chrome Client that enables full screen video. 
AirshipWebView A web view that sets settings appropriate for Airship content. 
AirshipWebViewClient A web view client that enables the Airship Native Bridge on allowed URLs. 
Analytics This class is the primary interface to the Airship Analytics API. 
AnalyticsDatabase Analytics database. 
AnalyticsEnablePreference CheckboxPreference to enable/disable analytic events. 
AnalyticsListener An analytics event listener. 
ApplicationListener Listener for application foreground and backgrounds. 
ApplicationMetrics ApplicationMetrics stores metric information about the application. 
AssetManager Manages assets for in-app messages. 
Assets Assets for an in-app message. 
AssociatedChannel A contact associated channel. 
AssociatedIdentifiers Creates a map of associated identifier. 
AssociatedIdentifiers.Editor Interface use to modify identifiers in the AssociatedIdentifiers object. 
AttributeEditor Interface used for modifying attributes. 
Attributes Predefined attributes. 
Audience Audience conditions for an in-app message. 
Audience.Builder Audience builder. 
AudienceChecks Audience checks. 
Autopilot Autopilot allows UAirship.takeOff to be called without overriding the Application class. 


BannerAdapter Banner display adapter. 
BannerAdapterFactory BannerAdapter factory. 
BannerDismissLayout The BannerDismissLayout allows dismissing a banner with a vertical swipe gesture. 
BannerDismissLayout.Listener Interface to listen for dismissing the message view. 
BannerDisplayContent Display content for a TYPE_BANNER in-app message. 
BannerDisplayContent.Builder Banner Display Content Builder. 
BannerView Banner view. 
BannerView.Listener Banner view listener. 
ButtonInfo In-app button display info. 
ButtonInfo.Builder Button info builder class. 


CachedValue<T> Caches a value in memory with an expiration. 
CachePolicyDelegate Delegate used to determine the caching for a InAppMessage
Callback Callback when executing a PassRequest
Cancelable Interface for an cancelable operation. 
CancelableOperation A cancelable operation that executes its task on a specific looper. 
CancelSchedulesAction Action to cancel automation schedules. 
ChannelCapture ChannelCapture detects a knock when the application is foregrounded 6 times in 30 seconds. 
ChannelIdPreference The Channel ID preference. 
ChannelType Channel types. 
CircularRegion A CircularRegion defines a circular region with a radius, latitude and longitude. 
ClipboardAction An action that adds text to the clipboard. 
Contact Airship contact. 
ContactConflictListener Contact conflict listener. 
ContactData Contact data. 
CustomDisplayContent Display content for a TYPE_CUSTOM in-app message. 
CustomEvent A class that represents a custom event for the application. 
CustomEvent.Builder Builder class for CustomEvent Objects. 
CustomLayoutNotificationProvider A notification provider that allows the use of layout XML. 


DataCollectionEnabledPreference Preference that can be used to embed a data collection preference in a settings screen. 
DateUtils Date utilities. 
DeepLinkAction Action for opening a deep link. 
DeepLinkListener Listener interface used to notify app when deep link is received. 
DisplayContent In-app message display content. 
DisplayCoordinator Handles display coordination for in-app messages. 
DisplayHandler Display handler for in-app message displays. 


EmailRegistrationOptions Email channel registration options. 
EnableFeatureAction An action that enables features. 
Event This abstract class encapsulates analytics events. 
EventDao Event data access object. 


FetchDeviceInfoAction Action to fetch a map of device properties. 
FetchDeviceInfoAction.FetchDeviceInfoPredicate Default FetchDeviceInfoAction predicate. 
Field Defines a field that can be sent up when fetching a Pass
Field.Builder Builds the Field object. 
FileUtils File utility methods. 
FileUtils.DownloadResult Result for downloading a file. 
FilteredActivityListener Activity listener that filters events with a predicate. 
Fonts Helper class to cache and resolve font families. 
ForegroundDisplayAdapter Display adapter that is only ready when the application has at least one resumed activity that is not excluded using EXCLUDE_FROM_AUTO_SHOW
ForwardingActivityListener Activity listener that forwards activity events to a list of listeners. 
ForwardingApplicationListener Activity listener that forwards application events to a list of listeners. 
FullScreenActivity Full screen in-app message activity. 
FullScreenAdapter Full screen adapter. 
FullScreenAdapterFactory Full screen adapter factory. 
FullScreenDisplayContent Display content for a TYPE_FULLSCREEN in-app message. 
FullScreenDisplayContent.Builder Display Content Builder. 


GlobalActivityMonitor Global activity monitor. 
GooglePlayServicesUtilWrapper Wrapper around Google Play Service Utils. 


HelperActivity This class is deprecated. Will be removed in SDK 17. Use your own activity to request results.  
HelperActivity.ActivityResult Wraps the result code and data from starting an activity for a result. 
HtmlActivity HTML in-app message activity. 
HtmlAdapterFactory HTML adapter factory. 
HtmlDisplayAdapter Html display adapter. 
HtmlDisplayContent Display content for a TYPE_HTML in-app message. 
HtmlDisplayContent.Builder Display Content Builder. 


ImageLoader Image loader. 
ImageLoader.ImageLoadedCallback Image loaded callback. 
ImageRequestOptions Image request options. 
ImageRequestOptions.Builder Image request option builder. 
ImageUtils A class containing utility methods related to bitmaps. 
ImageUtils.DrawableResult Drawable result. 
InAppActionUtils Action utils for in-app messaging. 
InAppActivityMonitor Activity monitor that filters out any activities with EXCLUDE_FROM_AUTO_SHOW metadata. 
InAppAutomation In-app automation. 
InAppAutomationScheduler Interface for scheduling in-app automations. 
InAppMessage Defines an in-app message. 
InAppMessage.Builder In-app message builder. 
InAppMessageActivity In-app message activity. 
InAppMessageAdapter In-app message adapter. 
InAppMessageAdapter.Factory Factory interface for InAppMessageAdapters. 
InAppMessageExtender Interface used to extend in-app messages. 
InAppMessageListener Listener for in-app message display events. 
InAppMessageManager In-app messaging manager. 
InAppMessageManager.DisplayDelegate A display delegate that can be used to determine if an In-App message is ready for display or not. 
InAppMessageWebViewClient AirshipWebViewClient that injects the messages extras in the native bridge. 
Inbox The inbox provides access to the device's local inbox data. 
Inbox.FetchMessagesCallback A callback used to be notified when refreshing messages. 
InboxApiClient A high level abstraction for performing Inbox API requests. 
InboxListener Inbox listener. 
InstallReceiver Tracks Google Play Store install referrals. 
InternalNotificationListener Internal listener used by Airship Components to listen for notifications. 


JsonException Thrown when a JsonValue is unable to wrap an object or unable to parse a JSON encoded String. 
JsonList An immutable list of JsonValues. 
JsonMap An immutable mapping of String keys to JsonValues. 
JsonMap.Builder Builder class for JsonMap Objects. 
JsonMatcher Class representing the leaf node of a JsonPredicate that contains the relevant field matching info. 
JsonMatcher.Builder Builder class. 
JsonPredicate Class abstracting a JSON predicate. 
JsonPredicate.Builder Builder class. 
JsonSerializable Interface for classes whose instances can be written as a JsonValue. 
JsonValue A JsonValue is a representation of any value that can be described using JSON. 


LandingPageAction Schedules a landing page to display ASAP. 
LegacyInAppMessage Legacy in-app message model object. 
LegacyInAppMessage.Builder InAppMessage Builder. 
LegacyInAppMessageManager Legacy in-app message manager. 
LegacyInAppMessageManager.MessageBuilderExtender Interface to extend the InAppMessage.Builder that generates the message from a legacy in-app message. 
LegacyInAppMessageManager.ScheduleBuilderExtender Interface to extend the Schedule.Builder that generates the in-app schedule info from a legacy in-app message. 
LocalizableRemoteInput Remote Input that stores the resource ID instead of a String. 
LocalizableRemoteInput.Builder Builds the LocalizableRemoteInput. 
LocationBackgroundUpdatesAllowedPreference CheckboxPreference to allow/disallow background location updates. 
LocationEvent This class captures all the necessary information for Airship Analytics
LocationListener A location change listener. 
LocationReceiver A receiver that handles requesting location from either the Fused Location Provider or standard Android location. 
LocationRequestOptions High level location requirements to be used for UALocationManager and service. 
LocationRequestOptions.Builder Builder to construct LocationRequestOptions. 
LocationUpdatesEnabledPreference CheckboxPreference to enable/disable location updates. 
Logger Shared logging wrapper for all Airship log entries. 
LoggerListener Listener interface for the Airship logger. 
LoggingCore Shared logging wrapper for all log entries. 


MediaDisplayAdapter Display adapter that handles caching an in-app message. 
MediaEventTemplate A class that represents a custom media event template for the application. 
MediaInfo Media display info. 
MediaInfo.Builder Media info builder. 
Message The primary data structure for messages. 
MessageActivity Manages the message view pager and display messages  
MessageCenter Airship Message Center. 
MessageCenter.OnShowMessageCenterListener Listener for showing the message center. 
MessageCenterAction Starts an activity to display either the Inbox or a Message using either showMessageCenter() ()} or showMessageCenter(String)
MessageCenterActivity Displays the Airship Message Center using MessageCenterFragment
MessageCenterFragment The Airship Message Center. 
MessageCenterFragment.NoMessageSelectedFragment Fragment that displays instead of a message in split view when no message has been selected. 
MessageDao Message Data Access Object. 
MessageDatabase Message database  
MessageFragment Fragment that displays a Message
MessageItemView Message Center item view. 
MessageListFragment Fragment that displays the Airship Message Center. 
MessageListFragment.OnListViewReadyCallback Interface that defines the callback when the list view is ready. 
MessageViewAdapter A generic base adapter that binds items to views using the ViewBinder interface. 
MessageWebView A web view that sets settings appropriate for Airship message center content. 
MessageWebViewClient A web view client that enables the Airship Native Bridge for Message Center. 
ModalActivity Modal in-app message activity. 
ModalAdapter Modal adapter. 
ModalAdapterFactory Modal adapter factory. 
ModalDisplayContent Display content for a TYPE_MODAL in-app message. 
ModalDisplayContent.Builder Display Content Builder. 


NamedUser This class is deprecated. Use Contact instead.  
NoDependencyAirshipInitializer Airship initializer without any external dependencies. 
NotificationActionButton Model object encapsulating the data relevant to a notification action button. 
NotificationActionButton.Builder Builds the NotificationAction. 
NotificationActionButtonGroup Model object encapsulating the data relevant to a notification action button group. 
NotificationActionButtonGroup.Builder Builds the NotificationActionButtonGroup. 
NotificationActionButtonInfo Notification action button info. 
NotificationArguments Arguments used to create a notification in the NotificationProvider
NotificationArguments.Builder Arguments builder. 
NotificationChannelCompat Compatibility class for supporting NotificationChannel functionality across Android OS versions. 
NotificationChannelRegistry Compatibility class for registering notification channels. 
NotificationIdGenerator An auto-incrementing notification ID generator. 
NotificationInfo Notification info. 
NotificationListener Notification listener. 
NotificationProvider Used to provide notifications for Airship push messages. 
NotificationResult Results for onCreateNotification(Context, NotificationArguments)


OnPermissionStatusChangedListener Permission status changed listener. 
OnRequestDisplayCoordinatorCallback Display coordinator callback. 
OpenChannelRegistrationOptions Open channel registration options. 
OpenExternalUrlAction Action for opening a URL for viewing. 


PackageUpdatedReceiver Package update receiver to automatically migrate Accengage to Airship. 
Pass Pass representing either an offer or loyalty wallet object. 
PassRequest Defines a request to fetch a Pass
PassRequest.Builder Builds the PassRequest object. 
PendingResult<T> A pending result. 
Permission Device permissions. 
PermissionDelegate Permission delegate to extend what permissions the Airship SDK can collect. 
PermissionRequestResult Permission request result. 
PermissionResultReceiver Result receiver to receive permission results from the PromptPermissionAction
PermissionsManager Airship permission manager. 
PermissionsRequester Interface used to request permissions. 
PermissionStatus Permissions status. 
PlayServicesErrorActivity Activity that handles errors when trying to use Google Play services. 
PlayServicesErrorActivity.ErrorDialogFragment A DialogFragment that wraps Google Play services error dialogs. 
PlayServicesUtils A utility class to help verify and resolve Google Play services issues. 
Predicate<T> Predicate interface. 
PrepareAssetsDelegate Listener used by AssetManager to populate assets for in-app messages. 
PrivacyManager The privacy manager allow enabling/disabling features in the SDK that require user data. 
PromptPermissionAction An action that prompts for permission. 
ProximityRegion A ProximityRegion defines a proximity region with an identifier, major, minor and optional latitude, longitude and RSSI. 
PublicNotificationExtender Notification builder extender to add the public notification defined by a PushMessage
PushEnablePreference CheckboxPreference to enable/disable push notifications. 
PushListener Push listener. 
PushManager This class is the primary interface for customizing the display and behavior of incoming push notifications. 
PushMessage A push message, usually created from handling a message intent from either GCM, or another push notification service  
PushProvider Defines a push provider. 
PushProvider.RegistrationException Registration exceptions  
PushTokenListener Push token listener. 


RateAppAction Action to link users to the rating section of their respective app store directly or through a prompt. 
RateAppActivity An activity that displays a Rate App prompt that links to an app store. 
RegionEvent A RegionEvent defines a region with an identifier, major and minor and optional proximityRegion and/or circularRegion. 
RegionEvent.Builder Builder class for RegionEvent Objects. 
RemoveTagsAction An action that removes tags. 
RemoveTagsAction.RemoveTagsPredicate Default RemoveTagsAction.RemoveTagsPredicate predicate. 
ResolutionInfo Info used to generate an event when a message is finished. 
ResultCallback<T> Result callback interface. 
RetailEventTemplate A class that represents a custom retail event template for the application. 


Schedule<T extends ScheduleData> Schedule. 
Schedule.Builder<T extends ScheduleData> In-app message schedule info builder. 
ScheduleAction Action to schedule actions. 
ScheduleData Schedule data. 
ScheduleDelay Defines conditions that might delay the execution of a schedule. 
ScheduleDelay.Builder Builder class. 
ScheduleEdits<T extends ScheduleData> Schedule edits. 
ScheduleEdits.Builder<T extends ScheduleData> ScheduleEdits builder. 
Scope Defines the scope of channels. 
ScopedSubscriptionListEditor Subscription list editor. 
SearchEventTemplate A class that represents a custom search event template for the application. 
SetAttributesAction An action that sets attributes. 
SetAttributesAction.SetAttributesPredicate Default SetAttributesAction.SetAttributesPredicate predicate. 
ShareAction Shows a chooser activity to share text. 
SimpleActivityListener A convenience class to extend when you only want to listen for a subset of of activity events. 
SimpleApplicationListener A convenience class to extend when you only want to listen for a subset of of application events. 
SinglePermissionDelegate Permission delegate that handles sa single Android permission. 
SmsRegistrationOptions Sms registration options. 
StyleNotificationExtender Notification builder extender to add the public notification defined by a PushMessage
SubscriptionListAction Action for subscribing/unsubscribing to lists. 
SubscriptionListApiClient Subscription list API client. 
SubscriptionListEditor Subscription list editor. 


TagEditor Channel tag editor. 
TagGroupsEditor Interface used for modifying tag groups. 
TagSelector Tag selector. 
TextInfo Text display info. 
TextInfo.Builder Text info builder. 
ThemedActivity Activity that automatically uses the AppCompat support library if its available and the application extends the app compat theme. 
Timer Timer that can be stopped and started. 
ToastAction An action that displays text in a toast. 
Trigger Trigger defines a condition to execute an Schedule
TriggerContext Triggering context for an automation schedule. 
Triggers Class providing factory methods and builder classes for Trigger
Triggers.ActiveSessionTriggerBuilder Active session trigger builder class. 
Triggers.CustomEventTriggerBuilder Custom event trigger Builder class. 
Triggers.LifeCycleTriggerBuilder Lifecycle trigger Builder class. 
Triggers.RegionTriggerBuilder Region trigger Builder class. 
Triggers.ScreenTriggerBuilder Screen trigger Builder class. 
Triggers.VersionTriggerBuilder Version trigger builder class. 


UACheckBoxPreference Airship check box preference. 
UAirship UAirship manages the shared state for all Airship services. 
UAirship.OnReadyCallback Callback interface used to notify app when UAirship is ready. 
UAStringUtil A class containing utility methods related to strings. 
UrlAllowList Defines a set of URL patterns to match a URL. 
UrlAllowList.OnUrlAllowListCallback Interface that defines a callback that can be used to reject or allow a URL. 
User The Airship rich push user. 
User.Listener A listener interface for receiving events for user updates. 


ValueMatcher Class representing the field matching type and values contained in a JsonMatcher. 


WalletAction Action for opening Android Pay deep links. 
WearableNotificationExtender Notification builder extender to add the wearable overrides defined by a PushMessage