Contains classes for creating and scheduling in-app messages. Requires urbanairship-automation module.


DisplayContent In-app message display content. 
InAppAutomationScheduler Interface for scheduling in-app automations. 
InAppMessageAdapter In-app message adapter. 
InAppMessageAdapter.Factory Factory interface for InAppMessageAdapters. 
InAppMessageExtender Interface used to extend in-app messages. 
InAppMessageListener Listener for in-app message display events. 
InAppMessageManager.DisplayDelegate A display delegate that can be used to determine if an In-App message is ready for display or not. 
LegacyInAppMessageManager.MessageBuilderExtender Interface to extend the InAppMessage.Builder that generates the message from a legacy in-app message. 
LegacyInAppMessageManager.ScheduleBuilderExtender Interface to extend the Schedule.Builder that generates the in-app schedule info from a legacy in-app message. 
OnRequestDisplayCoordinatorCallback Display coordinator callback. 


ButtonInfo In-app button display info. 
ButtonInfo.Builder Button info builder class. 
DisplayCoordinator Handles display coordination for in-app messages. 
DisplayHandler Display handler for in-app message displays. 
ForegroundDisplayAdapter Display adapter that is only ready when the application has at least one resumed activity that is not excluded using EXCLUDE_FROM_AUTO_SHOW
InAppActionUtils Action utils for in-app messaging. 
InAppActivityMonitor Activity monitor that filters out any activities with EXCLUDE_FROM_AUTO_SHOW metadata. 
InAppMessage Defines an in-app message. 
InAppMessage.Builder In-app message builder. 
InAppMessageActivity In-app message activity. 
InAppMessageManager In-app messaging manager. 
InAppMessageWebViewClient AirshipWebViewClient that injects the messages extras in the native bridge. 
LegacyInAppMessage Legacy in-app message model object. 
LegacyInAppMessage.Builder InAppMessage Builder. 
LegacyInAppMessageManager Legacy in-app message manager. 
MediaDisplayAdapter Display adapter that handles caching an in-app message. 
MediaInfo Media display info. 
MediaInfo.Builder Media info builder. 
ResolutionInfo Info used to generate an event when a message is finished. 
TextInfo Text display info. 
TextInfo.Builder Text info builder.