Contains high-level classes for interacting with the Airship Automation API. Requires urbanairship-automation module.



Audience Audience conditions for an in-app message. 
Audience.Builder Audience builder. 
AudienceChecks This class is deprecated. Internal class.  
InAppAutomation In-app automation. 
Schedule<T extends ScheduleData> Schedule. 
Schedule.Builder<T extends ScheduleData> In-app message schedule info builder. 
ScheduleDelay Defines conditions that might delay the execution of a schedule. 
ScheduleDelay.Builder Builder class. 
ScheduleEdits<T extends ScheduleData> Schedule edits. 
ScheduleEdits.Builder<T extends ScheduleData> ScheduleEdits builder. 
Trigger Trigger defines a condition to execute an Schedule
TriggerContext Triggering context for an automation schedule. 
Triggers Class providing factory methods and builder classes for Trigger
Triggers.ActiveSessionTriggerBuilder Active session trigger builder class. 
Triggers.CustomEventTriggerBuilder Custom event trigger Builder class. 
Triggers.FeatureFlagEventTriggerBuilder Feature flag interacted event trigger Builder class. 
Triggers.LifeCycleTriggerBuilder Lifecycle trigger Builder class. 
Triggers.RegionTriggerBuilder Region trigger Builder class. 
Triggers.ScreenTriggerBuilder Screen trigger Builder class. 
Triggers.VersionTriggerBuilder Version trigger builder class.