The Urban Airship Actions Framework.


ActionCompletionCallback An interface for callbacks signaling the completion of an Action
ActionRegistry.Predicate ActionArgument predicate  


Action The base action class that describes an operation to perform. 
ActionArguments Container for the argument data passed to an Action
ActionRegistry Class responsible for runtime-persisting actions and associating them with names and predicates. 
ActionRegistry.Entry An entry in the action registry. 
ActionResult Stores the results of running an Action
ActionRunRequest ActionRunRequests provides a fluent API for running Actions. 
ActionRunRequestFactory Factory class for creating ActionRunRequest
ActionService Service class for running actions via push payload. 
ActionValue An ActionValue is a representation of any value that can be described using JSON. 
AddCustomEventAction An action that adds a custom event. 
AddCustomEventAction.AddCustomEventActionPredicate Default AddCustomEventAction predicate. 
CancelSchedulesAction Action to cancel automation schedules. 
ChannelCaptureAction Action to temporarily enable channel capture. 
ClipboardAction An action that adds text to the clipboard. 
DeepLinkAction Action for opening a deep link. 
EnableFeatureAction An action that enables features. 
FetchDeviceInfoAction Action to fetch a map of device properties. 
FetchDeviceInfoAction.FetchDeviceInfoPredicate Default FetchDeviceInfoAction predicate. 
LandingPageAction Action for launching a Landing Page. 
LandingPageAction.LandingPagePredicate Default LandingPageAction predicate. 
LandingPageActivity An activity that displays a landing page. 
OpenExternalUrlAction Action for opening a URL for viewing. 
OpenRichPushInboxAction Starts an activity to display either the RichPushInbox or a RichPushMessage using either startInboxActivity() or startMessageActivity(String)
OverlayRichPushMessageAction Displays an inbox message in a landing page. 
RateAppAction Action to link users to the rating section of their respective app store directly or through a prompt. 
RateAppActivity An activity that displays a Rate App prompt that links to an app store. 
ScheduleAction Action to schedule ActionScheduleInfo
ShareAction Shows a chooser activity to share text. 
ToastAction An action that displays text in a toast. 
WalletAction Action for opening Android Pay deep links. 


ActionValueException Exceptions thrown when creating ActionValues from objects.