Contains classes for interacting with the Urban Airship Message Center.


MessageListFragment.OnListViewReadyCallback Interface that defines the callback when the list view is ready. 


MessageActivity Manages the message view pager and display messages  
MessageCenter Primary interface for configuring the default Message Center implementation. 
MessageCenterActivity Displays the Urban Airship Message Center using MessageCenterFragment
MessageCenterFragment The Urban Airship Message Center. 
MessageCenterFragment.NoMessageSelectedFragment Fragment that displays instead of a message in split view when no message has been selected. 
MessageFragment Fragment that displays a RichPushMessage
MessageItemView Message Center item view. 
MessageListFragment Fragment that displays the Urban Airship Message Center. 
MessageViewAdapter A generic base adapter that binds items to views using the ViewBinder interface. 
ThemedActivity Activity that automatically uses the AppCompat support library if its available and the application extends the app compat theme.