Airship iOS SDK Migration Guide

Airship Library 9.x to 10.0

This is a compatibility release for iOS 12 support, mostly adding new optional features. However some breaking changes have been made in order to support them.

Items previously marked “Deprecated - to be removed in SDK version 10.0” have been removed. Some iOS 8 specific workarounds that have been obsolete since SDK 9.0 have also been removed. This release also drops support for iOS 9.

Notification Authorization

Notification authorization settings and authorization status is now fully decoupled from requested options. Use UAAuthorizedNotificationSettings and UAAuthorizationStatus in order to determine which notification settings are authorized following push registration at runtime.


  • UAAuthorizationStatusNotDetermined
  • UAAuthorizationStatusDenied
  • UAAuthorizationStatusAuthorized
  • UAAuthorizationStatusProvisional


  • UAAuthorizedNotificationSettingsNone
  • UAAuthorizedNotificationSettingsBadge
  • UAAuthorizedNotificationSettingsSound
  • UAAuthorizedNotificationSettingsAlert
  • UAAuthorizedNotificationSettingsCarPlay
  • UAAuthorizedNotificationSettingsLockScreen
  • UAAuthorizedNotificationsSettingsNotificationCenter
  • UAAuthorizedNotificationsSettingsCriticalAlert


Registration delegate methods have been updated to reflect the new authorization model described above.


  • notificationRegistrationFinishedWithAuthorizedSettings:categories:status
  • notificationAuthorizedSettingsDidChange

Deprecated (to be removed in SDK 11):

  • notificationRegistrationFinishedWithOptions:categories:
  • notificationAuthorizedOptionsDidChange:


UAPush properties and methods have also been updated to reflect the new authorization model, and iOS 8 workarounds have been removed.


  • authorizationStatus
  • enableUserPushNotifications:completionHandler

Deprecated (to be removed in SDK 11)

  • authorizedNotificationOptions

Removed (iOS 8 workarounds)

  • allowUnregisteringUserNotificationTypes
  • requireSettingsAppToDisableUserNotifications

Removed (previously deprecated)

  • alias


Additional properties and factory methods have been added to support custom category summary formats, as well as placeholder strings for notifications with hidden body previews.


  • categorySummaryFormat
  • categorywithIdentifier:actions:intentIdentifiers:hiddenBodyPreviewsPlaceholder:categorySummaryFormat:options:


Additional properties have been added to support the summary argument, summary argument count and thread ID features new to iOS 12.


  • summaryArgument
  • summaryArgumentCount
  • threadIdentifier


Removed (previously deprecated)

  • matcherWithValueMatcher:key
  • matcherWithValueMatcher:key:scope

The methods above are redundant, and have been replaced with the more general matcherWithValueMatcher:scope. The removed key parameter is just the last value of a scope array, so for instance, calls such as

[UAJSONMatcher matcherWithValueMatcher:someValueMatcher key:@"key"]
[UAJSONMatcher matcherWithValueMatcher:someValueMatcher key:@"key" scope:@[@"foo", @"bar"]]

can be rewritten as the following, respectively:

[UAJSONMatcher matcherWithValueMatcher:someValueMatcher scope:@[@"key"]]
[UAJSONMatcher matcherWithValueMatcher:someValueMatcher scope:@[@"foo", @"bar", @"key"]]


Removed (previously deprecated)

  • showInboxMessage:


Removed (previously deprecated)

  • loadMessage:onlyIfChanged:

See legacy migration guide for older migrations