Airship iOS SDK Migration Guide

Airship SDK 13.0 and 13.1 to 13.2

Airship SDK 13.2 is a minor update that makes a few non-breaking changes to the Message Center and Custom Event APIs.

Message Center Changes

The default Message Center view controllers have been overhauled to improve code quality and readability. Because this involves some changes to the public APIs, rather than replacing them outright, the following classes and protocols are marked deprecated as of SDK 13.2:


  • UAMessageCenterSplitViewController
  • UAMessageCenterListViewController
  • UAMessageCenterMessageViewController
  • UAMessageCenterMessageViewProtocol

Instead of the deprecated controller classes, migrated integrations should use the following:


  • UADefaultMessageCenterSplitViewController
  • UADefaultMessageCenterListViewController
  • UADefaultMessageCenterMessageViewController

SDK 13.2 also adds new protocols to make it easier to create custom interfaces with these controllers. Objects can sign up as delegates for the default list view and message view controllers, in order to receive callbacks related to user message selections and message loading operations.


  • UAMessageCenterListViewDelgate
  • UAMessageCenterMessageViewDelegate

Custom Event Changes

The type-specific property setters in the Custom Event API have been deprecated in favor of a single property on UACustomEvent, named properties. This property takes an NSDictionary mapping key strings to boolean, string, number, or string array values.


  • setBoolProperty:forKey:
  • setStringProperty:forKey:
  • setNumberProperty:forKey:
  • setStringArrayProperty:forKey:


  • @property (nonatomic, copy) NSDictionary *properties