public final class RateAppAction : AirshipAction, Sendable

Links directly to app store review page or opens an app rating prompt.

This action is registered under the names rate_app_action and ^ra.

The rate app action requires your application to provide an itunes ID as an argument value, or have it set on the Airship Config Config.itunesID instance used for takeoff.

Expected argument values:

  • show_link_prompt: Optional Boolean, true to show prompt, false to link to the app store.
  • itunes_id: Optional String, the iTunes ID for the application to be rated.

Valid situations: ActionSituation.foregroundPush, ActionSituation.launchedFromPush, ActionSituation.webViewInvocation ActionSituation.manualInvocation, ActionSituation.foregroundInteractiveButton, and ActionSituation.automation

Result value: nil