Enhanced Email Performance Reporting

New email performance metrics help you assess campaign effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

These reporting updates are a direct result of feedback from Airship customers. They are still in development and currently available to customers who participated in discovery sessions and responded to surveys. The following information is a preview for all customers.

Email performance metrics

Select the Messages menu, then Messages Overview, then select the report icon () for an email message.

The report will load with the new metrics in the Email Performance section, and you can select the Legacy Email Performance tab to see the older metrics:

The new metrics currently use data from Performance AnalyticsA customizable marketing intelligence tool that provides access to reports and graphs based on engagement data.. Due to the different data sources and processing methods, they may not always match the legacy metrics. Additional differences:

  • Availability — All accounts that include email have access to the legacy metrics. For the new metrics, Performance Analytics data availability is determined by your Airship billing plan. Customers on the PA3 plan have access to a maximum of three months’ data. If a message was sent more than three months ago, the new metrics will not include its data.
  • Deleted channels — When an email channel is deleted, its associated email event data is removed from Performance Analytics. Legacy metrics are not affected by this, but there may be an impact on the new metrics.
  • Latency — The legacy metrics are populated in near real time, so they can provide immediate insight into the progress of your email sends. Data loaded from Performance Analytics is subject to a delay.