Segmentation Conditions for Sequence Messages

Segmentation Conditions for Sequence Messages

Create a segment to filter audience members between messages in a sequence.

Conditions are requirements your audience must meet in order to receive a message from a sequence. If a member of the audience doesn’t meet the conditions, they will not receive the message or any subsequent messages. They will exit the sequence.

Now you can build or select a SegmentA grouping of audience members selected by unique or shared identifiers. Multiple identifiers can be combined within a segment. to use as a condition. You use the same procedure as in the Segment Builder. Segmentation data:

For new sequences, you will no longer see the TagMetadata that you can associate with channels or named users for audience segmentation. Generally, they are descriptive terms indicating user preferences or other categorizations, e.g., wine_enthusiast or weather_alerts_los_angeles. Tags are case-sensitive. condition since you can configure it in a Segmentation condition. However, you will still see it when editing a sequence where it was previously configured.