Embedded Content

Embedded Content lets you elevate the customer experience without disruption. Adapt content to market trends, user feedback, and promotional campaigns on the fly.

Today’s release gives you the ability to insert content blocks anywhere within your app. Your developer defines the content’s placement, and you can create and manage the content in the Airship dashboard.

You create Embedded Content using the same composer and project settings used for ScenesMulti-screen experiences that are cached on users’ devices and displayed when your users meet certain conditions within your app, such as viewing a particular screen or opening the app a certain number of times. Scenes can include survey questions or be presented as a story., so all features available for Scenes are also available for Embedded Content, like rollout capabilities and A/B testing.


A few details about Embedded Content:

  • A no-code native app experience — Non-technical teams can tailor experiences to every individual, collect feedback, and incentivize high-value actions. You can embed interactive elements such as video, gifs, surveys and stories.

  • Limitless possibilities, without opt-in requirements — Connect with customers using some of your app’s most valuable real estate.

  • Better UX control — Control the copy, imagery, timing, and segmentation of specific content blocks.

  • Agility and speed in updates — Dynamically test and modify without developer support or app updates.

  • Experimentation — Incorporate Airship’s robust experimentation into your app by testing modal versus embedded content.

This is all possible without ongoing developer support.

Early access

Embedded Content is available to those participating in our early access program. Contact your account manager to join. We value your feedback! As an early access participant, your insights are crucial in helping us refine and perfect this feature.


See our developer content for implementation information:

We’ll be updating our documentation for the Embedded Content general availability release. Until then, get familiar with some Scene features you can use with Embedded Content: