Feature Flag Properties

Properties for Feature Flags increase the flexibility and control of app experiences. Rapidly update your app to respond to and stay ahead of user and business goals and needs.

Now you can add properties that can be used by your app’s code within a Feature FlagA toggle for controlling the availability of content or functionality in your app or website. Flag properties enable making immediate app or website code updates., bypassing the need for traditional code changes and release processes. The flag code you pass on to your development team includes references to the properties. Once implemented, edit the properties in the dashboard to make immediate changes to your app, like variables that can be updated remotely. As a general example, you could create properties for a promotion’s title, description, and button URL, then change their values when the promotion ends and a new one launches.

Where to set properties

When creating or editing a flag, you’ll now see a Properties section in the Define step, where you can set a name, type, and value for each property.

Properties can be a string, number, boolean, or JSON. When you need to make updates, edit the properties like you can already do for scheduling and audience settings.

Putting them to work in your app

These use cases illustrate some ways you can use properties:

  • Coffee mobile ordering app — Create a flag with properties for controlling the promotions and rewards for loyalty membership. Using just the Airship dashboard, you can transition from pumpkin spice promotions to holiday themes in sync with seasonal campaigns. Celebrate special limited time milestones, such as the app’s 10th anniversary, by offering “10x rewards” points.

  • Music streaming app — Create a flag with properties to introduce a new premium subscription tier. Launch the feature to 25% of the audience, with flag properties “Price Point” and “Trial Period Duration” and quickly gauge engagement data and user feedback as users respond to the new tier. Update the properties to fine tune the subscription offer, and roll out the feature to 100% of users once you land on the right details. You can also use a “Promotional Messaging” property to periodically update the copy promoting the new subscription.


Feature Flags are available as an add-on to enterprise plans. Contact Airship Sales to make changes to your plan. For AXP Essentials or Essentials Starter plans, the add-on will be available at a later date. See also What plan do I have? in our Feature packages reference.

Minimum SDK versions: iOS 17.1 and Android 17.1.


See the Feature Flags user guide and the Feature Flags platform documentation for all the details.