Wallet Push Notifications

Notify your wallet pass holders using the Wallet Push Notifications API. This release provides day 1 support for Google Wallet push notifications.

Use push notifications to deliver important information to your Apple and Google Wallet pass holders regarding their flight, event, or wallet pass program. For example, you might want to notify pass holders about weather conditions for an event, even when no changes were made to the time or location of the event. Or you might want to alert coupon pass holders that their coupon is set to expire.

Send, Delete, and Schedule

You can send notifications using any one of the Push Notifications endpoints across all pass identifiers.

Identifiers for individual passes:

  • Pass ID
  • Pass with external ID

Identifiers for groups of passes:

  • Template ID
  • Template with external ID
  • Tag
  • Segment

Deleting a notification removes the “Last Notification” field from the back of the pass. It does not remove a push notification that has already been delivered.

Use the Schedule an Update or Push Notification endpoint to set a future delivery date and time for a push notification.


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