JSON Attributes

Improve message relevancy and personalization using JSON Attributes. This Attribute type can store complex user data in the structure you choose.

From the team that brought you such hits as Text, Number, and Date Attributes, we present…JSON Attributes!

JSON Attributes are data objects containing one or more key-value pairs and arrays. A JSON object allows for nested objects and arrays, so it can contain an array of properties, and those properties can themselves be objects containing more properties and arrays of properties…😴

What we’re saying is, you can reach Inception levels of data complexity and store it all as a single Attribute. Think of them as collections of information you can assign to a user. Then what? Personalize message content using the data! Segment your audience! Go nuts!

Example use cases:

  • Retailer — Store user preferences and send sale or discount messages about items you know a user will be interested in and with personalized content for their preferred brands, colors, etc.

  • Airline — Store a user’s booking information and send confirmation and update messages leading up to, during, and after their trip. Messages would contain their confirmation code, flight numbers, origin and destination airport codes, and departure and arrival times.


For setup and usage information, see JSON Attributes in About Attributes. Also check out the rest of the Attributes docs to learn how to use them for your messaging programs: