FCM HTTP v1 API Support

Airship now supports Android apps using the Firebase Cloud Messaging HTTP v1 API.

Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) HTTP v1 API replaced their Cloud Messaging API, which will be removed by Google in June 2024. FCM uses token-based authentication instead of server key, so you must update your Airship project’s channel configuration.

First, contact Airship Support or your account manager to request enabling token-based authentication for your project. [Token-based authentication was enabled for all projects in February 2024.] Once enabled, you will see an updated configuration page for the Android channel in your project settings. Token-based authentication will be enabled for all Airship projects in February 2024.

For setup steps and additional information about the authentication methods, see Android channel configuration in Configure Channels. For more about the move to the FCM HTTP v1 API, go to the FAQ on the same page.