Improved Email Suppression Automation and Contact Management

More intelligent email channel suppression ensures that your transactional messages get through. Self-serve access for removing channel suppression saves you time and puts you in control.

Email Suppression

We refined email suppression automation for transactional messages and added the ability to override email suppression status for individual channels.

Previously, when a recipient marked a Commercial EmailA promotional email sent to an audience of users who have opted to receive promotional marketing messages from you. as spam, they would be automatically suppressed by setting their email channel’s suppression_state value to spam_complaint. This opted their email channel out of all email messaging, even Transactional EmailAn email sent in response to a user’s interaction with your app or website — receipts, shipping notifications, password reset notifications, etc., and you would need to contact Airship support to resolve delivery issues

With today’s release, when a recipient marks a commercial email as spam, we set their channel’s suppression_state value to commercial_spam_complaint. They will continue to receive transactional email (if opted in) while remaining opted out of commercial email.

We added self-service methods for removing suppression:

  • Dashboard — Go to Audience » Contact Management, search for an email channel, and click to see details. If suppressed, you’ll see a Remove suppression button and can click to see the specific complaint.
  • New API endpoint /api/channels/email/unsuppress

After removing suppression, you must opt the channel back in to messaging before they can receive email from you again.

Contact Management

We also expanded access to Contact Management. Now you can:

  • Change opt-in status for SMS
  • Change opt-in and tracking status and remove suppression for Email
  • Delete named users and channels


Head to the Email Bounce Handling and Suppression and Contact Management docs to get all the details.