App Open Events for Goals

Create a Goal based on app opens and track daily counts, counts per channel, frequency, and more. Then make adjustments to your marketing strategies for improvement.

Goals are selected events that generate a set of performance reports. They are also used for measurement in Holdout ExperimentsMeasures the effects of excluding a group of audience members from all messages or messages with specific Campaign Categories. You can compare the performance of the two audience groups in reports for selected goal events.. In addition to creating goals based on a predefined or custom event, now you can select the App Open (app_open) event.

You do not need to add the app_open event to your project before selecting it as a goal. The event is added to your project automatically after your app has been opened at least once.

Requirements and documentation

The Goals feature requires Performance AnalyticsA customizable marketing intelligence tool that provides access to reports and graphs based on engagement data.. Contact Airship Sales to add it to your Airship plan.

Learn how to create Goals and Holdout Experiments and view their reports.