Platform Status Page Updates

View the status and uptime of Airship services, and sign up for notifications.

The Airship Status page has a new look and now includes uptime information. You can view statistics of system uptime and the status of individual services from the last 90 days. You can also view the details of past incidents and information about upcoming scheduled maintenance.

The status page can be found at for the US and for the EU. Each page has a link to the other. From the dashboard, you can access the Status page by clicking   and selecting Check status.

Subscribe to updates

If you are already subscribed to email alerts regarding the Airship platform status and maintenance events, there is no action required on your part, as we have migrated your subscription to the new status page.

If you would like to update your preferences or subscribe to SMS notifications as well, go to the Status page and click Subscribe to updates. You will see options to enter your email address and phone number. You can also enter a webhook URL or copy the RSS feed URL.

If you have any questions, our Support team is available to help.