Segmentation Conditions for Sequence Triggers

Create a segment to filter audience members entering sequences.

With today’s release, you’ll now see Conditions when configuring SequenceA series of messages that is initiated by a trigger. Airship sends messages in the series based on your timing settings, and you can also set conditions that determine its audience and continuation. Sequences can be connected to each other and to other messaging components to create continuous user experiences in a Journey. triggers. Use this section to build a SegmentA grouping of audience members selected by unique or shared identifiers. Multiple identifiers can be combined within a segment. . Users must meet the conditions defined in the segment in order to enter the sequence.

You will use the same segmentation data and procedure as in the Segment Builder and when targeting specific users in the Message and A/B Test composers. Segmentation data:

Conditions are not available for the Inactivity or Manual Entry triggers.