Disable Email Tracking at the Channel Level

Adhere to privacy regulations and comply with user requests to opt out of email activity tracking.

By default, open and click tracking are enabled on all emails until a ChannelAn instance representing an entity addressable via the Airship service, e.g., an iOS device, email address, SMS number or web browser. The channel instance or channel object contains all relevant information about a channel, including metadata used for targeting, opt-in status, device-specific information, and, importantly, a unique identifier for the channel, the channel ID. is designated as opted out.

Previously, this tracking could only be disabled at the message level and couldn’t be set for individual users. To account for this, Airship customers would create multiple message versions (e.g., one message with tracking enabled, another with tracking disabled, targeting users who had requested to disable tracking), resulting in added work to remain in compliance.

With today’s release, you can designate email channels as opted-out of tracking email opens and clicks. This eliminates the burden of having to create multiple messages or maintain audience lists of opted-out users.

When you create an email, you also have the option to disable tracking for that message, and it will be disabled for all recipients regardless of their channel opt-in status.

Managing tracking opt-in status

You have multiple options for managing the tracking opt-in status for an email channel. See the documentation for usage details.