Custom Domain Proxy

Custom Domain Proxy

Send Airship traffic through your own domain for privacy, security, and consistent branding.

Airship traffic is routed using domains including,, and Customers viewing these domains in URLs will likely not associate them with your brand. The domains may also be denied by content blockers, resulting in disabled Airship features.

Substituting your own domain instead can provide a consistent brand experience for your users and make it easily identifiable when adding to a trusted domains list in a content blocker. For example, your email Preference CenterA page where users can manage their opt-in statuses for the subscription lists in your project. Preference centers are presented within your app or website or as an Airship-hosted web page. URL could be preferences.[yourdomain].com instead of

This is accomplished by setting up a custom domain proxy, which relays requests (traffic) from your custom domain to Airship instead of directly to Airship.

Supported features

Custom domains are supported for the following Airship features:

  • Android and iOS SDKs
  • Web SDK
  • Email preference centers
  • Email unsubscribe links and Double Opt-InA process where users who sign up for messaging must confirm opting in before they can receive messages. links

Go to our docs for requirements and configuration steps.