Automatic Segmentation in Apptimize

Automatic Segmentation in Apptimize

Apptimize Automatic Segmentation takes the guesswork out of building optimized segments for personalized experiences and streamlines experiment results to corresponding feature variables.

Automatic Segmentation adds Winning Segments to the results dashboard so you can quickly view which experiment variants have the best engagement per segment. Winning Segments lists the best-performing segment and variant combinations for an experiment’s primary and secondary goals, as well as each segment’s lift rate. From there you can convert winning segments into feature variables in a single click. You can use winning variants and feature variables for personalized audience targeting and feature rollouts.

Using Automatic Segmentation

After running an experiment:

  1. Go to Winning Segments in the results dashboard, then select segments from the list and click Create Feature Variables.

  2. Review the list of your selections in the modal window that opens, then click Convert To Feature Variables. This action also ends the experiment.

For full feature documentation, see: Results: Winning Segments.

Integrating Apptimize with Airship

The Apptimize SDKs for iOS and Android come pre-packaged with the Coordinated Experimentation integration between Apptimize and Airship. Minimums required:

  • Android: Apptimize SDK 3.5.0, Airship SDK 11.0.0
  • iOS: Apptimize SDK 3.2.0, Airship SDK 12.0.0

For more information, see Integrations in the Apptimize docs, or go straight to the Airship integration.

If you are unfamiliar with Apptimize, learn How Airship and Apptimize Work Together to Optimize the Entire Customer Journey.