iOS 16 Support

Airship provides day 1 support for iOS 16.

Apple revealed all the new features and updates to iOS at WWDC22 in June. Since then, our Mobile team has been hard at work testing our SDK to ensure all of our existing functionality works on iOS 16, as well as exploring how to take advantage of its new capabilities.

This year brought a number of changes to iOS, including:

  • Customizable lock screens, including fonts, colors, widgets
  • Focus support on the lock screen and the addition of filters
  • Live Activities — Customizable widgets that can be pinned to your lock screen that can update in real time
  • Dynamic Island — A new pill-shaped cutout (replacing the notch) that enables new ways to interact with the iPhone, including integrating with Live Activities — Available on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max

Check out our blog posts for more details:

Airship support

Customers on SDK 14.8 and above are already compatible with iOS 16 and Xcode 14, however, we recommend updating to the latest version for enhancements, fixes, and feature support for recent releases.

Focus Filters

Apple introduced Focus in iOS 15 to give users more control over their Do Not Disturb settings. With Focus, a user can select different permissions for apps, contacts, notifications, and more to customize their device based on what they are currently doing. For example, a user might choose to include Slack and Google Drive in a Work Focus while excluding games and social media apps.

In iOS 16, Focus Filters take Focus a step further, giving users additional controls over the types of content and the notifications they receive. Brands can also create filters within their app that can then be used to determine whether a user receives a specific notification or not in a Focus. For example, a media app could provide a filter for breaking-news, filtering out all notifications from the app when in a Focus except for breaking news notifications.

Later this week we are adding support for setting the Focus Filter criteria in our push API.

More to come: Live Activities

Apple announced an exciting new feature called Live Activities, customizable widgets that make it easier for a user to keep tabs on what is happening in real time. Instead of receiving multiple notifications for a food delivery or the latest score update, this information can be pinned to the lock screen, keeping users up to date without having to unlock their device. See our blog post for more information.

Apple stated that Live Activities will be available in a future iOS 16 release later this year. At that time, we will add API support for updating Live Activities.