Message Center Inbox Management

Remove messages from Message Center inboxes directly from the Airship dashboard.

Users can remove messages from the Message CenterA place in your app where you can display persistent rich messages, including HTML, video, etc. Similar to email, Message Center represents both the medium (the in-app inbox) and the message type (the messages you send to the inbox). inbox on their devices, and now you can do so from your project dashboard:

  1. Go to Messages » Messages Overview.
  2. Click   for the message you want to remove.
  3. Click Remove from inbox and confirm.

After removal, Removed from inbox and the removal date, time, and time zone appears in these locations:

  • Messages Overview — Message Details expanded view
  • Message report — Header

This enhancement brings a previously API-only function to the dashboard. For the API method, see API: Delete message from inbox.


Removing a message from a Message Center is irreversible.