Surveys Enhancements

Surveys Enhancements

Customize Airship Surveys with header and body fields, and present answers in random order.

Randomizing the answer order helps eliminate bias. Header and body text can be used to tell your users the purpose of the survey and to provide additional useful information and context. Header and body can be customized with the same options as other text in the survey:

  • Font family
  • Color
  • Size
  • Alignment — Left, right, center
  • Style — Underline, bold, italic

In addition to these changes, adding more content to a survey is now easier: Click Add content   and select Header, Body, Question, or Media, then configure. The new Randomize order option is available for Single Choice and Multiple Choice questions.

Learn more about surveys, including use cases and how to create them in the Airship dashboard:


Randomized order requires iOS and Android SDKs 16.6+.