Set and Remove Tags Using File Upload

Bulk add and/or remove tags by uploading a CSV file of Airship users.


Setting tags using file upload is available for Airship customers who are participating in our special access program. Sign up here.

Tags are metadata that you can associate with channels or named users for audience segmentation. Tags are generally descriptive terms indicating user preferences or other categorizations, e.g., wine_enthusiast or weather_alerts_los_angeles.

Now you can upload a CSV list of users and specify which tags to add and/or remove to each one.

First prepare your CSV file according to our guidelines. You can download sample CSV file for reference. Then:

  1. Go to Audience » Tags » Set tags.
  2. Click Choose file and select your CSV.
  3. Select Add or Remove, enter a tag name in the search field, then:
    • If searching for an existing tag, click to select from the search results. Search for existing tags returns all custom tag groups that contain that tag.
    • If creating a new tag, click Create new tag: [search term], enter a custom tag group name in the search field that appears, then click to to select from the search results.

    Repeat this step for additional tags.

  4. Click Set tags.

File upload history is in Audience » Tags » Upload History, with columns for:

  • File name
  • User name — The user who performed the upload in the dashboard
  • Upload date
  • Tags changed — Counts for the number of tags added and removed. Click   for a list of all tags, tag groups, and + (added) or - (removed) indicators.
  • Rows processed
  • Rows skipped
  • Status — Processed, Processed with errors, Processing, or Failed. For status Processed with errors, click   to download the error list.

For details see: Setting tags on your audience: File upload.