Multi-channel Preference Center

Multi-channel Preference Center

Airship preference centers now control more than a single channel, plus SMS support.


Multi-channel preference centers are available for Airship customers who are participating in our special access program. Sign up here.

A preference center is a page where users can manage their opt-in statuses for the Subscription ListsAn audience list of users who are opted in to messaging about a specific topic. Users can manage their opt-in status per list using a preference center. in your project. Preference centers are presented within your app or website or as an Airship-hosted web page.

With today’s release you can create preference centers that control subscription status for more than one channel, and you can include SMS subscription lists.

  • Single-channel preference centers support app, web, and email. Preferences are updated per channel.

  • Multi-channel preference centers support app, web, email, and SMS. Preferences are updated at the Named UserA customer-provided identifier used for mapping multiple devices and channels to a specific individual. level per channel type. For instance, if a user has two app channels and they update a preference for an app subscription list, then Airship updates both app channels for their named user, not just the one for the device they are on.

    You can organize the subscription lists automatically by channel or manually group the lists under headings you create.

Any change to subscription status is a Real-Time Data StreamingA service that delivers engagement events in real time via the Data Streaming API or an Airship partner integration. event. For single-channel preference centers, the event is per channel. For multi-channel, it includes the named user. Even if you do not use Airship for all your channels, you can still use our multi-channel preference centers for your other channels and keep your external providers in sync via named user subscription status.

We also made additions to the API to support multi-channel preference centers: