Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder Enhancements

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder Enhancements

MMS support is now available for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder, and you can confirm your message in the Review step before sending.

We improved our Salesforce integration so that you can best utilize the powerful combination of Airship and Salesforce. The Salesforce Journey Builder now features:

  • MMS supportMMS Message is a new Message Activity. First enable MMS in your SMS senders configuration, then you can create MMS messages in the builder. Make sure to provide an SMS message as a fallback in case the MMS message fails.

  • A Review step — The new Review screen is the final step in the workflow, displaying a summary of your message content and settings and a preview of the message as it will appear on a mobile device.

  • Typeahead for event personalization — When entering a custom event name, you can now use the typeahead picker to choose SFMC attributes for personalization.

  • Message title — When creating a mobile app message, you can now add a title to your push notification.

You do not need to take any action to get started, as these changes are already live.

See the Salesforce partner documentation for more information.