Email Double Opt-in

Email Double Opt-in

Create a double opt-in automation to send a confirmation link to new email subscribers.

Double opt-in is a process where users who sign up for messaging must confirm opting in before they can receive messages. You can use double opt-in to ensure your email subscribers intended to sign up and have entered the correct email address.

Today we released features to automate this process in Airship:

  • Double Opt-In trigger for AutomationA set of conditions that your audience must meet before they receive a message. — Create a new automation, select this trigger, then add the content for the confirmation email, including the opt-in link.

    For the API, use the /api/pipelines endpoint with the double_opt_in event.

  • Opt in mode "double" — Set "opt_in_mode": "double" when registering new email channels. When a new channel is registered using this "double" parameter, it creates a double_opt_in event. This event is used to trigger sending the confirmation email.

For the full usage details and requirements, see: Email: Double Opt-In.