Enhanced Apptimize Integration with Mixpanel

Enhanced Apptimize Integration with Mixpanel

Apptimize enhances the existing Mixpanel integration with bidirectional data sharing and Mixpanel audience cohort ingestion.

Apptimize, the leading solution for testing and optimizing mobile apps, introduces substantial improvements to the existing integration with Mixpanel. Apptimize now supports bidirectional data sharing with Mixpanel and the ingestion of Mixpanel audience cohorts.

Bidirectional Data Sharing
Previously, Apptimize ingested our data partners’ events in the SDK. We are now able to send back to Mixpanel the following Apptimize data: user participation events, track events, and attributes.
Audience/Cohort Ingestion
Customers can leverage their Mixpanel cohorts, both existing and new, for Apptimize experiments and feature flags.

See Apptimize documentation for details and setup instructions.

Airship acquired Apptimize in August 2019. A few months later, we introduced coordinated experimentation, which takes feature flag- and/or experiment-level data about a user and transforms it into tags that can be used for targeting users via Airship.