Mixpanel Inbound Integration Update

Mixpanel Inbound Integration Update

Our updated Mixpanel inbound integration is faster, more secure, and now available in our EU cloud site.

With this update to our Mixpanel inbound (Mixpanel » Airship) integration, Airship now maintains both the inbound and outbound (Airship » Mixpanel) data flows.

The core functionality of this integration (targeting Mixpanel cohorts via Airship tags) is unchanged. This update includes the following features and enhancements:

Reduced synchronization time
When using dynamic sync to synchronize your cohorts with Airship tag groups, the sync interval is now 15 minutes, down from 2 hours previously.
More secure authentication
The authentication scheme for this integration is now Bearer (token) authentication. Prior versions used Basic (key/secret) auth.
EUCS support
This integration is fully supported in our EU cloud site, located exclusively within the European Union. Our EU site is identical to our US site in every way, except that all data is handled within the EU, with traffic routed over EU-specific APIs.

See our Mixpanel partner documentation for details and setup instructions.