Settings Redesign

We redesigned Settings in the Airship dashboard.

The first thing you will see is that Settings is no longer a dropdown menu. Instead, click Settings to see your project information organized into a single page. We also have a new version of Test Push and removed the Quickstart Guide. This page is a summary of the changes, and we updated all related documentation to reflect the new location of each Settings item.


Settings has three sections:

  1. Project details — Go to the Project Details section to view the project name, industry, app key, and secret. Your project’s master secret is not displayed, however users with access level Owner, Administrator, or Full Access can copy the master secret to their clipboard.

  2. Channels — Go to the Channels section to configure the messaging channels for the project. Any settings related to a specific channel, e.g., SMS Webhooks, are available after selecting an individual channel or a type of channel (Mobile Apps).

  3. Project configuration — Go to the Project configuration section to configure features, integrations, etc., that apply to the entire project, not just for specific channels.

Changes to Test Push and Quickstart Guide

  • Instead of navigating to Settings » Quickstart Guide, or being directed there when creating a new project, click Settings and navigate to the channel you want to set up; links to relevant documentation are on the channel configuration pages.

  • Instead of navigating to Settings » Test Push and filling out a form, now you can send a test push directly from the channel setup pages for mobile app platforms (iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows) and Web.