Content Templates for In-App Automation

Content Templates for In-App Automation

Now you can create templates for your modal and fullscreen In-App Automation messages.

When creating a template for In-App AutomationMessages that are cached on users’ devices and displayed when your users meet certain conditions within your app, such as viewing a particular screen or opening the app a certain number of times. , you can either provide your own HTML, or use our drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor to design the message appearance and content. When creating your message in the In-App Automation composer:

  1. In the Style step, select Modal or Fullscreen.
  2. In the the Content step, click Template, then select the template you want to use for your message. You can edit the HTML or WYSIWYG design after selecting a template.

For all accounts that include Personalization features, you will also find we moved the Layout step for fullscreen and modal messages. For non-templated content, now you will select Classic in the Content step, then select a layout and configure your message.

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Templates are a Personalization feature. If your account does not include Personalization, please contact Airship Sales or your account manager.