Shopify Integration

Shopify Integration

Enable web notifications for your Shopify store and automate your messaging campaigns around custom Shopify events.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point of sale (POS) systems.

Our Shopify integration enables your Shopify store for web notifications and automatically captures cart-, checkout-, and order-related events, e.g., order fulfilled, checkout created. Use these events to trigger Airship Journeys and automations in your messaging campaigns.

Contact Airship Support to activate the Shopify integration enabled for your account. After you receive the merchant install link follow the steps in our Shopify integration docs to complete the Airship setup in your Shopify store.

Supported Custom Events

Custom events are generated via webhooks sent by Shopify. The following custom events are supported:

Event NameAction
shopify_cart_changedA user took any action in the browser that modified the contents of or created a cart.
shopify_checkout_createdA user started the checkout process for a cart.
shopify_checkout_updatedA user took any action that modified the status of a checkout. Triggered as a user completes each section of checkout.
shopify_order_createdA user has completed a checkout and submitted an order.
shopify_order_fulfilledA shop owner has marked an order as fulfilled.
shopify_order_fulfilled_updateA shipping provider has provided a status update for an order.

Get Started

See our Shopify integration docs for more information about the specific steps to enable this integration.