Airship Live Chat

Airship Live Chat brings 1:1 conversation management to our customer engagement platform.

We are excited to announce the launch of the Airship Live Chat platform. This release marks the first combined development effort coming out of our recent acquisition of ReplyBuy, a leader in eCommerce conversation management.

Airship Live Chat fuses ReplyBuys’s live conversation management tools with Airship’s automation and orchestration features, allowing you to proactively introduce human conversation as part of a marketing campaign, or at any point along a Journey or Automation.

How Does it work?

Airship Live Chat provides two consumer interfaces for conversations: Live in-app chat and live SMS chat. You can use either or both.

For agents, we provide a Live Chat Manager dashboard, where they can respond with manual or templated responses to incoming chat requests.

In-App Chat

For iOS and Android devices, upgrade to the latest Airship SDK to enable the Airship Chat module.

In-app chat messages use the Airship push API for outbound notifications and outbound Mobile Terminated SMS messages.

SMS Chat

Live SMS chat requires the Airship SMS channel to enable two-way conversations via SMS. Conversations are managed by your agents in the Live Chat Manager (LCM).

We use an SMS webhook to route inbound (MO) messages to LCM. Routing can be applied to new and existing senders, i.e., phone numbers or short codes, to direct to LCM for all inbound messages, or only for those messages containing specific keywords.

See our Live Chat Getting Started to configure your app for live SMS chat.

Live Chat Manager

Access your conversations in the Live Conversations page.