Cancellation Events for In-App Automation

Cancellation Events for In-App Automation

Now you can specify custom events that prevent your in-app automation from displaying to users.

Cancellation events prevent an in-app automation from displaying a message if a custom event occurs while the In-App Automation is in a delay period or if a specific screen has been viewed. You can also filter custom events that are set on channel IDs, using numeric values associated with those custom events, or by key/value properties attached to the events. Filtering events this way can help you more precisely target your audience.

After selecting your triggers in the Behavior step of the In-App Automation composer:

  1. Enable Cancellation Events under Options.
  2. Find or create a custom event using the search bar, and optionally add event properties to filter the event.
  3. Configure one or both conditions: Time Has Elapsed and/or Viewing a Specific App Screen.

See the documentation for details: Cancellation Events for In-App Automation.