Subscription Lists

Subscription Lists

Now your users can opt in to different messages based on their interests, using individual Subscription lists.

A Subscription list is an Audience ListMessaging recipient groups based on either your own data or automatically-generated app user lifecycle information. You can use audience lists to target specific users. of opted-in email addresses. When sending a message using a Subscription list, you must include an unsubscribe link for opting out of all messages, and you can also include an unsubscribe link for that list only. This can help with retaining customers, since recipients can opt in and out of content per list rather than opting out of all messaging.

After you create a Subscription list, you can:

To create the list, first you add a name and ID for the list in the dashboard, then you populate the list with email addresses using the API. You can create up to 20 Subscription lists per project.

To get started, follow the steps in our Subscription lists documentation.