Segmentation Redesign

Segmentation Redesign

Use our redesigned Segment Builder tool to create single-use segments at the time of creating a message.

When selecting your message audience in the Message and A/B Test composers, you can select Target Specific Users to build a SegmentA grouping of audience members selected by unique or shared identifiers. Multiple identifiers can be combined within a segment. that is used for that message only. With this release, Target Specific Users now has the same interface and available segmentation data as in the Segment Builder.

When creating a segment, you organize your audience conditions into blocks. A block contains one or more conditions, providing a way to mix and match boolean operators. For example, you might use an OR operator for conditions in a block, and use an AND operator to join the blocks together.

The redesigned version is now the default, and you will see a link to go to the legacy version. Follow the tutorial to get started: Target Specific Users.

See our original Segment Builder redesign announcement and our GA announcement for a summary of changes, and review our guide to Segmenting Your Audience.


  • The redesigned Segment Builder no longer supports location history.
  • The legacy Segment Builder and location history targeting capabilities are being discontinued and will not be available after January 31, 2021 March 15, 2021. Until then, a link to the legacy Segment Builder and segment list will be available in Audience » Segments.

Please contact Airship Support with any questions.