Segment Integration: Attributes Support

Attributes and EU Cloud Site support for our Segment integration.

Attribute Ingestion from Segment

We added support for consuming AttributesMetadata that you can use for audience segmentation. Attributes differ from tags in that when evaluating users with attributes, Airship uses operators, e.g., equals, less than/greater than, contains, before/after, to determine whether or not to target a user. Supported attribute types are TEXT, NUMBER, and DATE. in our Segment destination integration. Now, in addition to setting tagsMetadata that you can associate with channels or named users for audience segmentation. Generally, they are descriptive terms indicating user preferences or other categorizations, e.g., wine_enthusiast or weather_alerts_los_angeles. Tags are case-sensitive. on a named user, you can set attributes, provided that the attributes exist for your project.

The integration supports setting attributes via Segment Personas as well.

See Attributes in our Segment integration docs for details.

New Real Time Data Streaming Attribute Event

We also added support for the Attribute Operations Event to our Segment Integration.

To add this event to your Segment integration, go to Settings »» Real-time Data Streaming in your Airship dashboard and edit your Segment integration to include this event.

Segment Integration Airship EU Data Center Support

Finally, we added support for our EU Cloud Site to our Segment integration. If your Airship implementation uses our EU data center, toggle this option on when setting up your destination.