Segment Builder GA

Segment Builder GA

Our redesigned Segment Builder is now generally available for all Airship customers.

The redesigned Segment Builder and segment list are now the defaults when you go to Audience » Segments. Additionally, now you can use Device PropertiesMetadata representing the default attributes and property tags of a device, such as language and time zone settings, OS and browser versions, and notification opt-in status. Device properties are used for audience segmentation. The data used for the tags and attributes is collected automatically from the Airship SDKs, and are updated daily. in the new Segment Builder, including our new device properties for SMS: NDC (National Destination Code — area code in North America) and Subdivision (State/Province).

See our original redesign announcement for a summary of changes, and review our new guide to Segmenting Your Audience. Follow the Segment Builder tutorial to get started making segments.


  • The redesigned Segment Builder no longer supports location history.
  • The legacy Segment Builder and location history targeting capabilities are being discontinued and will not be available after March 15, 2021. Until then, a link to the legacy Segment Builder and segment list will be available in Audience » Segments.

Please contact Airship Support with any questions.