Upload and Send

Upload your own highly targeted, ad hoc audience of App or Web channels when sending a message.

Now you can take advantage of the Upload Users feature to send a message to a curated list of App or Web channels. This lets you send a message to a list of users that you generated from Performance Analytics or other reporting platforms without having to re-create your Audience criteria before you send a message. By uploading a list, you can also see exactly which channels you’re targeting with your message.

To use this feature, your list must be smaller than 150MB, and the first column in the list must be ua_channel_id. Entries in that first column contain the channel ID you want to send a message to. Your list can contain subsequent columns with information that you use to personalize your message using HandlebarsAirship’s message personalization syntax using double curly braces, more commonly known as {{handlebars}}. Use handlebars to insert variables and conditional logic in messages and templates. .

Channel IDs in your list, your audience must all belong to the same device type. For example, if you want to send a message to both iOS and Android channels using the Upload Users feature, you must curate separate lists of iOS and Android users, and send two separate messages.

For more information, see Audience Lists