Dashboard Support for Event Segmentation

Airship now supports events for segments you create with our redesigned Segment Builder.

Following our API release in August, we now have dashboard support for event segmentation.

After selecting an event, you will choose whether or not the event was performed and set the frequency of occurrence. You can also specify a date or range when the event occured and filter by properties associated with the event.

This example shows a segment that targets users with the purchased event occurring twice between the dates September 1, 2020 and September 15, 2020:

You can further refine your audience by filtering on event properties. This example shows a segment that targets users who have opened the app by tapping a push notification with the push_id of "28e9d533-c8a7-4abf-93f4-4794b09391eb":

Learn about configuration requirements and follow our tutorials: