Redesigned Segmentation in the Dashboard

Redesigned Segmentation in the Dashboard

Create reusable audience segments with the redesigned segment builder tool, now available to all Airship customers.

Changes include:

Here’s how early access works:

  • Go to Audience » Segments and you will see a link to the early access version of the segment builder. When in the early access version, you will see a link back to the legacy version.
  • Airship customers who are participating in the beta program will see the early access segment builder by default, with a link back to the legacy version of the same page.

Segment Builder

When creating a segment, you organize your audience conditions into blocks. A block contains one or more conditions, providing a way to mix and match boolean operators. For example, you might use an OR operator for conditions in a block, and use an AND operator to join the blocks together.

Highlights of new functionality you’ll find in the builder:

  • In-row search — Change your selection within a condition, e.g., change a tag from airship to starship, instead of adding a new condition to replace your previous selection.
  • Date attribute operators — Evaluate relative dates using Within the last or Within the next, and a range of dates using Between.
  • Date formats — Instead of a single date, you now have options:
    • Specific: Select a Day, Month, Month/Day, and Year/Month, or Year/Month/Day.
    • Relative: Specify the number of years/months/days/hours/minutes from today’s date.
    • Today: Select either Month/Day or Year/Month/Day.

Segmentation data

You can build a segment using criteria associated with your channels and named users, helping you manage specific portions of your audience — you can even specify individual channel IDs and named users. The early access segment builder supports:

Device PropertiesMetadata representing the default attributes and property tags of a device, such as language and time zone settings, OS and browser versions, and notification opt-in status. Device properties are used for audience segmentation. The data used for the tags and attributes is collected automatically from the Airship SDKs, and are updated daily. , including Sender IDsThe alphanumeric code that your audience will see when they receive messages from you; it is essentially the phone number or name that your SMS messages come from. Members of your audience subscribe (opt in) to each individual sender ID they want to receive messages from. , will be available when the redesigned builder is made generally available and we retire the legacy builder.


Follow the tutorial: Segment Builder (Early access).