Adjust Integration

Take advantage of Adjust’s mobile measurement capabilities in Airship to set attributes on your audience and trigger automations and journeys from custom events.

This integration helps you take advantage of Adjust’s mobile measurement and attribution capabilities in Airship.

Adjust sends custom events into Airship when your Adjust-enabled app logs clicks, installs, sessions, reattributions, and in-app events (shown as the event name). You can use these events to trigger automations and journeys to interact with your customer when it’s most relevant to them.

Adjust can also set AttributesMetadata that you can use to group and target your audience. Attributes differ from tags in that when evaluating users with attributes, Airship uses operators, e.g., equals, less than/greater than, contains, before/after, to determine whether or not to target a user. Supported attribute types are TEXT, NUMBER, and DATE. on your Airship audience, like the names of campaigns or ad groups that your audience was receptive to. You can use this information to segment your audience or to personalize messages.

You can take advantage of properties in custom events from Adjust or attributes set on your audience to personalize messages using HandlebarsAirship’s message personalization syntax using double curly braces, more commonly known as {{handlebars}}. Use handlebars to insert variables and conditional logic in messages and templates.


You need to create attributes in Airship before the Adjust integration can set attributes on your audience.

Sample Adjust Custom Event
    "id": "aae70da5-a276-4dd4-a11e-f5b5796a52f1",
    "offset": "1000000000780",
    "occurred": "2020-08-17T22:37:53.000Z",
    "processed": "2020-08-17T22:40:35.337Z",
    "device": {
        "ios_channel": "c014a2ed-4c30-4f6d-a9b3-e2ba7a01b45c",
        "channel": "c014a2ed-4c30-4f6d-a9b3-e2ba7a01b45c",
        "device_type": "IOS",
        "attributes": {
            "locale_variant": "",
            "app_version": "1.0",
            "device_model": "x86_64",
            "connection_type": "WIFI",
            "app_package_name": "com.urbanairship.partner.adjust",
            "iana_timezone": "America/Los_Angeles",
            "push_opt_in": "false",
            "locale_country_code": "US",
            "device_os": "13.0",
            "locale_timezone": "-25200",
            "locale_language_code": "en",
            "location_enabled": "false",
            "background_push_enabled": "false",
            "ua_sdk_version": "13.2.0",
            "location_permission": "UNPROMPTED"
    "body": {
        "name": "session",
        "session_id": "c014a2ed-4c30-4f6d-a9b3-e2ba7a01b45c",
        "source": "API",
        "properties": {
            "adjust_attribution_method": "",
            "partner_parameters": "",
            "reporting_revenue": 25,
            "revenue_float": 25.00,
            "revenue_usd_cents": 2500,
            "revenue_usd": 25,
            "revenue": 2500
    "type": "CUSTOM"

See our Adjust page for more information about setting up and using this integration.