Message Limits for Channels

Message Limits for Channels

Set message limits for App, Web, Email, and SMS channels to ensure that you don’t over-message your audience.

You can set per-channel message limits, determining the maximum number of messages your audience can receive within a time frame of hours or days. You can use these limits to prevent yourself from inadvertently over-messaging your audience across automations, journeys, scheduled messages, etc.

When setting limits for a channel, you can set limits for both hours and days, preventing over-messaging within different time boxes. For example, you might set limits so that you don’t send a member of your audience more than one SMS text message per hour, and no more than three texts in a day.

Airship abides by limits across journeys, automations, and channels. For example, if you set a limit of two app messages per day and three automation messages today, and the same user triggers three automation rules that send app messages, Airship suppresses the third app message, ensuring that you don’t over-message that user on their App channel.

You can also override limits when you send a message. You may want to override message limits for important messages, like breaking news, account alerts, or location proximity-based messages.

See Set Message Limits for more about setting message limits for your project.