A/B Testing for All Channels

Now you can send A/B tests for all channels and message types except Message Center messages.

Set up A/B testsUsed to send variants of a message to cross-sections of your audience. Each variant in the test returns data to help you determine the most effective ways to engage your audience. A/B tests support up to 26 variants and a control group per test. for SMS, email, and open channels through the Airship dashboard and optimize your messages across channels.

By opening A/B testing up to all channels, you can take advantage of Channel CoordinationA group of strategies you can use to target users where they are most likely to receive your message. strategies in your messaging experiments, helping you find the best ways to communicate with your audience.

When you mix channel types in an A/B test, each variant includes messages for all of your channel types in your experiment. For example, if you have an experiment with two groups using both App and SMS channels, you configure both App and SMS messages for each variant group.

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