Predefined Attributes

Predefined Attributes

Use predefined attributes — attributes with preformatted IDs and types — to ensure consistency in reporting across your Airship projects.

Airship now provides predefined AttributesMetadata that you can use to group and target your audience. Attributes differ from tags in that when evaluating users with attributes, Airship uses operators, e.g., equals, less than/greater than, contains, before/after, to determine whether or not to target a user. Supported attribute types are TEXT, NUMBER, and DATE. for commonly used attributes like first name, last name, phone number, etc., each with a preformatted ID and type (text, date, or number). Examples: ID first_name and type text for First Name, and ID account_creation and type date for Account Creation.

Just like custom attributes, after you add predefined attributes to your project, then you set the attributes and attribute values on your audience.

Predefined attributes lay the groundwork for improved reporting on your audience, for both out of the box reports and Performance AnalyticsA customizable marketing intelligence tool that provides access to reports and graphs based on engagement data. . Using predefined attributes as filters can help you pinpoint your audience’s behaviors.

See the list of predefined attributes, and learn how to add attributes to your project.

See also: Attributes feature guide.