Branch Integration

Incorporate attribution events from Branch and drive automated messaging from Airship using events attributed to a cross-platform user.

Branch’s People-Based Attribution events connect individual users’ actions across platforms, helping you better understand your users and their cross-platform behaviors.

This integration sends attribution events from Branch to Airship as custom events. You can use these events to trigger Airship AutomationA set of conditions that your audience must meet before they receive a message. rules and JourneysA series of messages that is initiated by a single automation trigger. Airship sends messages in the series based on your timing settings, and you can also set conditions that determine the continuation of the series. , and even reference properties from Branch events in automation rules using HandlebarsAirship’s message personalization syntax using double curly braces, more commonly known as {{handlebars}}. Use handlebars to insert variables and conditional logic in messages and templates. .

sequenceDiagram participant A as Audience participant B as Branch participant C as Airship B->>A: Identify user by Airship channel_id A->>B: User performs attribution event B->>C: Forward attribution event as custom event C->>A: Message to channel_id in response to custom event

See the Branch integration documentation for more information.